Litter 2D

    Pollux and Terpsi outdid themselves! Terpsi had six babies a few days after Alex had surgery, during a massive thunderstorm and blackout, and has been an absolutely amazing mother. The kittens are breathtakingly pretty, and three of them appear to be wide-band (golden), which is pretty uncommon in Orientals. And they’re outrageously sweet and really happy, which is the best.

    Kittens that are marked "OPTION" are likely to be reserved, but no final decision has been made. Reservations are taken no earlier than 8 weeks (and often later, as we watch the kittens grow up and verify who will be staying here), and kittens that are marked "RESERVED" are no longer available. If for any reason a kitten becomes available again after an initial reservation, it will be re-listed as "AVAILABLE”.
    If at present all kittens are in option for potential pet, breeding or showing homes (including ours), still there is always a chance that one becomes again available. If you’re interested in these or any other kittens, please email us at with an introduction! You may also want to read read our TERMS & CONDITIONS.


Dread Dejavu

Black ticked (golden) tabby --- FEMALE --- STAYS

Our first grand champion was SiamJewels Doppelganger. Our first home-grown grand champion was Practicalcats Idiosyncrasy. And oh good grief does this kitten look just like her great-grandfather and her grandmother, lacking only the exact same colour to make the match. Deja has a lovely head and a great body, with the wide-band golden look and a totally clear body without any stripes at all. She’s also sweet as candy and full of purring when she isn’t playing with the whole world or snuggling a poodle.


Dread Dare

Fawn ticked tabby --- FEMALE --- STAYS

We couldn’t decide which of the two girls were prettier, with one having a cool pattern and the other having a cool colour, so we’re just keeping both. Dare is a little less playful than her sister (which is best for all of us) and very sweet, with a beautiful head and very pretty green eyes. Her fawn colouring is warm and rich, and she’s got a tail that goes on for days.


Dread Dreamer

Fawn ticked (golden) tabby --- MALE --- RESERVED

We’re quite certain which is the prettiest kitten in the litter, and the one with the absolute most show potential, and that’s Mr. Dreamer. He poses beautifully, and his sweet, sweet, sweet personality goes so nicely with his nice structure, awesome colour, and cool pattern. He appears to also have the wide-band golden pattern, which is even neater. Shame for us that we need a boy like a hole in the head, but he’s going to live with another local breeder and may come back as a show alter if he lives up to his promise.


Dread Disco

Fawn point --- MALE --- OPTION

Do you need a kitten to play with something? Disco’s your man! How about racing into the mouth of a dog? Also Disco! Exploring a new room? Disco! He’s bold and playful and sassy and fun but settles in for some excellent snuggles after he’s gotten all his playfulness out.


Dread Doppel

Blue solid --- MALE --- OPTION

He’s the opposite of Disco -- he’s playful at times, but he’s much more of a lover than an explorer. He’s constantly rubbing around your ankles and following you around to see what sort of things you might be doing and whether or not a kitten would be helpful. Even if a kitten isn’t helpful, Doppel’s going to be there anyways. The second litter that we’ve had a giant blue boy in, and Doppel is the spitting image of Atlas from the 2A litter and also his father.


Dread Donner

Blue ticked (golden) tabby --- MALE --- OPTION

And he’s the one in between. Not as ridiculously playful nor as ridiculously loving, Donner is a wonderfully balanced, great tempered kitten who will make someone a truly great companion. He’s the right mix between sweet and sassy and just a wonderful all around little boy. His extremely warm wide band colour that balances against his blueness is just icing on the cake.

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