Our Queens
Trouble portrait

JustOriamese Treasure, "Trouble"


born: December 5, 2015 ••• PRA N/N - COI 1.70%

Cinnamon and silver are two of our favourite colours, and spotted tabbies are a patten we’re hoping to work more with in the future. When all of that came combined in a gorgeous girl with a long body, a beautiful triangular head shape, and a perfect profile, we jumped at the chance. In our house, Treasure is known as Trouble for her amazing ability to constantly be in the way. She is an astonishingly good tempered cat, as we always expect from Julie’s cattery, full to the brim with love and purrs and sweetness (although she is not overly burdened with brain cells). She’s just started showing and will be considering kittens early next year.
Trouble is a cinnamon silver spotted tabby Oriental shorthair in all registries, and carries pointed/Siamese and classic.

Fluffy portrait

Kokiri Cookies n Cream, “Fluffy"


born: March 19, 2016 ••• PRA N/N - COI 0.52%

We have a lot of really, really sweet, really, really ‘helpful’ cats in our house, but Fluffy is probably one of the most sweet and most helpful. Dubbed Fluffy because in the CFA she is a Balinese shorthair and a longhair carrier, she brings an amazingly refined body, beautiful eye colour, and a perfect profile to our cattery, along with the red genes we love so much. For an extra bonus, she’s also completely unrelated to everyone else in the house. We can’t wait to see what her kittens will look like, and if they take on her ridiculously adorable personality. She is the best cat in the house for finding new toys (namely, anything that will fit in her mouth and she can fish out of wherever it lives) and is shockingly good at it. If something is found out of place, worry not, Fluffy is to blame.
Fluffy is a CFA Balinese shorthair, a CCA Oriental shorthair, and a TICA and FIFe Siamese. Regardless of registry, she’s a seal tortie point, and carries dilute and chocolate.

Brows portrait

PracticalCats Doughtybrows, "Brows or Eyebrows"


born: July 18, 2016 ••• PRA N/N - COI 0.01%

When litter D was being born, there were two pointed girls and one kitten left to go, and Stephanie prayed immensely to the litter gods for a PRA clear, non-pointed girl to keep. Shortly afterwards, a strikingly marked ebony tortoiseshell girl was born, and the first comment that was made was ‘Look at her Eyebrows!’ Boy, did that name stick. Eyebrows is her mother’s daughter in so many ways, endlessly manipulative, utterly charming, and figured out about two minutes after she could walk how to wrap people around her little speckled paw. She screams for food, stares at you until you pick her up, and although she’s a bit smaller than her siblings, has absolutely no issue keeping up with the biggest of them or the adult cats. Just like her mother, one of her best friends is Growltiger, who is twenty` times bigger than her. As Flare’s breeder once said about her mother, Brows is larger than life.
Brows is an ebony tortoiseshell Oriental shorthair in all registries, and carries chocolate, dilute, and pointed/Siamese (and probably some genes for excessive personality).

Cassie portrait

Ulthar Cassiopeia, "Cassie"


born: June 23, 2016 ••• PRA, PKD, and MPSVI-severe negative. COI 0.601%

As anyone who has ever seen us at cat shows picks up immediately, we are in love with Bestcats Yesterdays Youngsmile, known to her friends as Stripey. Stripey was a breeding cat with another breeder, and came to us after she was done with her kittening life. We believed for the years that we've owned her that there were none of her offspring in breeding homes, and thus that bloodline was lost forever. And then, through a feat of happenstance, we discovered that not only was there a breeding cat out there, the breeder who had Stripey's son had her great-granddaughter available. Cassie is fantastic, a match to her great grandmother in loving personality, with fantastic colour and pattern.
Cassie is an ebony/black silver spotted tabby in all registries. She is homozygous agouti (meaning that all her kittens will be tabbies), and carries classic, chocolate, and pointed/Siamese..

Helle portrait

PracticalCats Hellebore, "Helle"


born: March 19, 2017 ••• PRA, PKD, and MPSVI-severe negative. COI 0.487%

Practicalcats Hellebore is a member of the Lavender Spring of 2017 -- four lavender kittens and three lilac points in two litters. She caught our eye very young, and has matured quite nicely into the promise that we originally saw. Sweet as pie, very people oriented, Hellebore has a beautiful earset, great coloration, and a nice long body.
Hellebore is a lavender/lilac solid in all registries, and carries pointed/Siamese.

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