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Carrot portrait

City Cat Captain Carrot, "Carrot"


born: October 14, 2015 ••• PRA N/rdAc - COI 0.482%

Last year, a new cat began going to cat shows, the most gorgeous lilac spotted tabby girl imported from Okonor cattery in Hungary. We really loved her, and watched with interest as she was bred, and as her breeder updated us as she gave birth, he eventually said she had a red boy. Several breeders argued with him that she couldn't have, but he was right -- she was secretly a patched (tortoiseshell) tabby.
And now, that same red silver boy has come to join our red project and our cattery. Named after the Captain of the City Watch in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, Carrot was a stunning kitten, full of promise, which he fulfilled becoming a National Winning Kitten in less than half a show year. He's a sweet, quite social and extremely gentle young cat.
Carrot is a red silver mackerel tabby Oriental shorthair in all registries. Black under the red, he carries pointed, chocolate, and dilute. He is a true tabby, A/a.

Frost picture

PracticalCats Firefrorefiddle, "Frost"


born: February 8, 2017 ••• PRA, PKD, and MPSVI-severe negative, COI 0.01%
"These modern productions are all very well,
But there's nothing to equal, from what I hear tell,
That moment of mystery, when I made history,
As Firefrorefiddle, the Fiend of the Fell.
T. S. Eliot "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats -- Gus the Theatre Cat"

Flare and Balance's first litter was born in July of 2016, and did not contain what we had hoped for -- a PRA clear boy. We repeated the litter that winter, and we got everything we could have hoped for and more in one gorgeous lavender boy. Frost has his mother's earset, fantastic length of body and tail, and is taking after his father in size. He's just starting his show career, and we are so happy with him.
Frost is a lavender/lilac solid in all registries, and carries cinnamon and pointed/Siamese.

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