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born 15 September 2017

CH CityCat Captain Carrot X CH Ulthar Cassiopeia

COI 0.969% -- PRA N/N or N/rAdc
COLOURS: two ebony spotted or mackerel tabby boys (one likely silver); two torbie/tortie girls, one ebony and one possibly chestnut.

Cassie is the universe's gift to us, our beloved Bestcats Yesterday's Youngsmile's great-granddaughter. She's a gloriously patterned ebony silver spotted tabby and we are hoping that fantastic pattern stays with her children. Carrot tends to make lower earsets and big kittens with a lot of length. Hope you like tabbies!

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born 01 July 2017

CH Bestcats Brilliant Balance X CH PracticalCats Coffee Spoons

PRA N/N or N/rAdc, COI 1.76%
COLOURS: One chestnut with white boy, one ebony with white girl, one seal point boy, one seal point girl, one seal point with white girl, one chocolate point with white girl.

Our first home grown breeding queen has made her first litter! Spoony is a demanding, over the top, non-stop talker with a long body, a great ear set and a very cool pattern. And, to bring the circle all the way around, this is also Balance's last litter.
Spoony graced us with six gorgeous kittens late in the evening on July 1st, 2017, Canada Day and the country's 150th anniversary, making this our Kanata litter, the Sesquicentennial Kittens.

These are always subject to change, based on the whims of cats and the blessing or curse of mother nature. If you're interested in a specific kitten or a specific breeding, please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS and contact us at

Winter 2017
Cookie and Carrot redux.

Winter 2017
Treasure and Carrot.

Winter 2017
Brows and Carrot.

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