litter picture
litter picture

Born 19 January 2021

SousLeSaules Pollux X PracticalCats Rapscallion

COLOURS: Colours: 3 blue solid boys, 1 chocolate solid boy, 1 cinnamon solid boy, 1 blue (?) point boy, 1 lilac solid girl, 1 seal point girl, 1 ??? point girl. Kittens may be longhair or shorthair.

    Kittens will be clear of all detectable genetic defects, thanks to testing of both parents.
    If you can’t do the math, that’s nine kittens. Nine kittens is vastly more than we really wanted out of this pair (or any pair), and is our biggest litter so far. That said, if you need to have nine kittens in a litter, Rapscallion’s the one to mother them. She adopted four extra kittens from another queen in her last litter and has clearly inherited her great-grandmother’s mother of the year award. This is an exciting litter because both parents are longhair carriers, so we may have longhairs in this batch, although it’s too early to say.
    Mom and babies are doing well so far.

litter picture
litter picture

Born 18 August 2020

SousLeSaules Pollux X PracticalCats Terpsichore

Colours: 1 fawn point boy, 1 fawn ticked tabby girl, 1 fawn ticked tabby boy, 1 black ticked tabby girl, 1 blue ticked tabby boy, 1 blue solid boy.

    Kittens will be clear of all detectable genetic defects, thanks to testing of both parents.
    These two outdid themselves! Terpsi had six babies on October 23rd a few days after Alex had surgery, during a massive thunderstorm and blackout, and has been an absolutely amazing mother. The kittens are breathtakingly pretty, and three of them appear to be wide-band (golden), which is pretty uncommon in Orientals. And they’re outrageously sweet and really happy, which is the best.

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Spring 2021

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