Litter K

    Sesquicentennial kittens! Our first home grown breeding queen has made her first litter! Spoony is a demanding, over the top, non-stop talker with a long body, a great ear set and a very cool pattern. And, to bring the circle all the way around, this is also Balance's last litter. We are over the top happy with these kittens -- our first second generation Practicalcats litter. Spoony has been a great mom, despite some issues with milk production, and her kittens have grown up to be a whole sea of beauties.
    They're precocious beauties too, having started eating on their own at 4 weeks exactly, and learning how to scream demandingly for food at 4 weeks and 1 minute old. They are extremely vocal, having a whole sea of things to say about everything, and very social with people, running over to try to climb legs or ride on feet. Personalities are starting to develop, but at present, they're very much alike.
    Unless something remarkable happens, all these kittens already have a home. If you are interested in a future litter (which may be some time), we will want to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS and contact us.


Kanata Lamar

Seal point --- MALE --- RESERVED

Lamar is the biggest kitten in the litter by a pretty significant amount -- I call him tank. He's one of the boldest kittens, who comes running over as soon as he sees people, and wants to curl up in their lap. Sweet as sweet can be, he's not quite as loud as some of his siblings.


Kanata Chocolatl

Chocolate point --- FEMALE --- RESERVED

Chocolatl has a LOT of things to say, all the time. She's extremely playful, very interactive, and loves to play with her siblings. She's currently the smallest of the kittens, but worry not, that doesn't hold her back.


Kanata Gumbo

Chestnut solid with white --- MALE --- RESERVED

Bold as brass and always into everything, Gumbo is a complete criminal, ready to take over the world as long as there's also plenty of play and cuddles. He's so cute, and he knows it, and is always there ready to get his party on.


Kanata Kiki

Seal point with white --- FEMALE --- RESERVED

Kiki is very devoted to her mother and is a cat's cat -- she loves to play with her siblings, only to take a brief pause to come and cuddle and purr up a storm with people, and then back to play. She's going to a new home with Gumbo and her mother, Spoony, and the three of them will do wonderfully.


Kanata Luna

Ebony solid with white --- FEMALE --- RESERVED

Is your lap empty? Do you need someone to climb your legs? Of course you do! Luna wants to be on you, climbing you, or interacting with you in some fashion all the hours of the day and night. She snuggles into a lap with a ton of purring, and is the sweetest of all possible girls.


Kanata Sylph

Seal point --- FEMALE --- STAYS

Watching this litter grow up was absolute agony for us as breeders -- so many beautiful kittens, all with great temperaments, and we were hoping for the magical combination of a PRA clear girl who also carried cinnamon. As the kittens were growing up, our eye was drawn time and time again to the elegant, refined seal point girl with the darkest blue eyes... and she was the only PRA clear cinnamon carrying girl in the litter. She is also a leg climber, but often likes to sit a little back and regard the world before plunging in. I'm a little afraid she'll end up like her Great Aunt Hater in the end, much to all of our dismay.

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